sap_basis probe - Best Practice
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sap_basis probe - Best Practice


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Best Practices suggestions for configuring sap_basis probe.


Component : UIM - SAP_BASIS




There are currently no  best practices document for configuring this probe, but here is a collection of some key information on the sap_basis probe.

What it does :

The SAP_basis Monitoring probe monitors the health and performance of SAP system resources , processes , failures , error logging etc.

SAP Resources Being Monitored :

    ABAP (with HANA or other DB)


    NETWEAVER (dual stack ABAP+JAVA , ABAP)


How does it monitor a SAP system :

Sap probe utilizes CCMS (Computing Centre Management System) monitoring tree which is created as a result of SAP system's inherent monitoring capability execution. CCMS monitoring tree is traversed to collect the intended monitoring data for a configured ABAP resource.

SAP JCO (Java Connector ~ sapjco3.dll,sapjco3.jar) library is required in order to connect to a SAP resource.

SAP NetWeaver system of version 1.31 and earlier are monitored using the JMX libraries , 1.40 and later versions are monitored using Control Java Web services (can be queried using the URL - http://<HOSTNAME>:50013/?wsdl).

SAP Hana is monitored using JDBC application programming interface(~ngdbc.jar).

SAP BOBJ is monitored using the java libraries (~dsws-session.jar, dsws-biplatform.jar, dsws-common.jar).

All these libraries are supposed to be installed/provided by the customers as these are available only to the licensed enterprise users.

sap_basis video

sap help doc 

Important Links : (HANA 2.0)

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