How to Restore a data set when a discrete Profile is not available
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How to Restore a data set when a discrete Profile is not available


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS DISK BACKUP AND RESTORE


We have a production job that is restoring an old data set to a new name for processing. This job is failing due to some macro execution error. We receive a generic 2180 message from ADSDS017 using the old product name of DMS: ADSDS017 2180 DMS RACDEF MACRO EXECUTION ENDED IN ERROR, NO PROFILE WAS GENERATED FOR THE DATA SET ADSDS017 2180 REASON FOR ERROR IS - RACF DISALLOWED DEFINE - REASON STATED BY RACF ON MASTER CONSOLE OR JO I am assuming the JO is the batch job, and we find no reason in the job and no messages sent to the console.


Release : 12.5

Component : CA Disk Backup and Restore


We do document that a discrete profile is needed in the section on RACF Discrete

Profile Handling under Restoring RACF-Indicated Data Sets Having no Profiles:

To activate the use of model profiles, build a discrete profile to be used as a model,

specify sysparm RACFMODL with a value of Y, sysparm RACFMDSN with the 1- to 44-character

name of the model profile, and sysparm RACFMVOL with the 1- to 6-character volume

association of the model profile.

User ran a test using just the first node and the ** after the high level,

and this did the trick.