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Client Automation - Move computer to new DOMAIN not deleted from old DOMAIN


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CA Client Automation - Asset Management CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation CA Client Automation - Software Delivery CA Client Automation - Remote Control


A computer moved from one DOMAIN to a new DOMAIN is not deleted from old DOMAIN even if parameter "Computer move: Ongoing job action" (compMoveOngoingAction) is set to TRUE in configuration policy.

Default Computer Policy/DSM/Software Delivery/Manager/Computer move: Ongoing job action = TRUE


Computer has some ongoing SD jobs on previous DOMAIN.

But with parameter "Computer move: Ongoing job action = TRUE", the move should be done and machine deleted anyway from previous DOMAIN.


Release : 14 SP1 & SP2

Component : CA Client Automation


Contact CA Broadcom Technical Support requesting this fix to apply on old DOMAIN :

14.0 SP1 : T533308

14.0 SP2 : T533343

This fix is included in 14.0 SP3