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Client Automation - Rename an unmanaged OSIM computer


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In DSM Explorer under All Computers/{Group Details}/OS installations, when a name is assigned to a MAC Address (machine discovered with PXE request), it is not possible to change the name.

The Name field is greyed :

A solution is to delete the computer and discover it again.

But how to rename it without deleting it and discovering it again ?


Release : 14.0

Component : OSIM


1- Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, execute the attached SQL script rename_osim_computer.txt to create the stored procedure rename_osim_computer

2- Then unmanaged OSIM computer could be rename by executing this :

exec rename_osim_computer 'old_name', 'new_name'

Example :

exec rename_osim_computer 'Machine-12', 'Machine-13'


1570204560056__rename_osim_computer.txt get_app