CA-Deliver - ISPF Application Showing Error of "Report ID Not Found"
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CA-Deliver - ISPF Application Showing Error of "Report ID Not Found"


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The client found an inconsistency with CA Deliver 12.2.  

When they run a batch RMOGRW job searching for a specific RID, the RID is found.


   Ex:  /SELECT RID EQ ('F701SAAAAAHA')   

        /PRINT RID     'RID'        COL   

        /PRINT JOB     'JOBNAME'    COL   


        06/03/2019 16:18:13                                      CA Deliver (12.2)     

        RMOGRW                                             General Report Writer Utility


        RID                             JOBNAME DISTID                       

        F701SAAAAAHA                    GRHD06P4                                        


But when they try to look at the same ReportID using the CA Deliver ISPF application, the RID is NOT found:


   Ex:  CA Deliver --------------- Report Selection List (1) --------- Report not found

          Command ===> s F701SAAAAAHA                                   Scroll ===> DATA


        Sel Report ID                        Description                               

        ==> *                                *                                          

            F701RAAAAAHA                     DAILY ACTIVITY   701R                     

            F702XAAAAAHA                     DAILY ACTIVITY   702X                     

            F703AAAAAAHA                     DAILY ACTIVITY   703A                      


In addition, when they attempt to DELETE many RIDs, along with this RID (in TEST mode) using an RMODBB batch job, a “RMODBB24 Report ... not found” error is generated:


    Ex:  ******************************** Top of Data ***********************************

         06/03/2019 16:08:36                             CA Deliver Output Management (12

         RMODBB                                           Database Build Utility (Test Mode)

         /RPTDEF  RID=(1,13)  FUNCTION=(15,1)                     


         RMODBB23  Report DAAAAAAAAABB deleted - data record 1     

         RMODBB23  Report DAAAAAAAAACV deleted - data record 2    




         RMODBB24  Report F701SAAAAAHA not found - data record 8938   





What is causing this issue?  


Release :

Component : CA Deliver


The problem with the FS... report being seen in a RMOGRW listing and not being seen in the Report Definition list, is that it is considered as an "orphan" entry.

Deliver fix SO09469 addresses the problem in RMOGRW. 

There will be another case opened, for a fix to RMODBASE UNLOAD/COPY, to address the removal of orphan records.