How to download older versions of UIM Probe Packages
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How to download older versions of UIM Probe Packages


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Is there a way to download older versions of specific probe packages?  For example, I need an older version of spectrumgtw to support integrating with an older version of CA Spectrum.

ong as you know the version you are after. 


Release : 9.1.0



While the older probe versions are not directly linked from the Archive page it is still possible to access the older versions as follows:

1. Log in to

2. Access the Archive page

3. Locate the probe you are interested in

4. Right-click the download icon and choose "Copy Link Address" (or "Copy Shortcut" depending on your browser.

5. Paste the resulting URL into your browser address bar.

6. Alter the filename to reflect the version required.

For example, the current probe download for spectrumgtw is 8.6.7 which points to:

If you needed the prior version, 8.6.5, you can change the filename to download 8.6.5 thusly:

This will work for all available probes as long as you know which version you are after.