Faver RESTORE function with EXCLUDE fails when using *AMS
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Faver RESTORE function with EXCLUDE fails when using *AMS


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FAVER VSAM Data Protection for z/OS


Trying to use the EXCLUDE function during a RESTORE process and implementing *AMS override functions. The reload fails with a defined file that was excluded and only partial data restored. No file should have been created utilizing the EXCLUDE feature. How does this get resolved? No examples in the manual.


Release : 4.5

Component : CA Faver VSAM Data Protection


There is no code in the product for such a feature and it was never intended to be utilized with the *AMS overrides because that feature is considered a "special" function and not a standard function. 

Hence the name "override".


The documentation does not specifically state it "DOES NOT" work with the *AMS override but it also only provides an example of a standard restore process.

Page 123 of the Faver User Guide notes how to use the EXCLUDE statement. You can EXCLUDE catalogs or clusters in a pattern mask but no example is stated when utilizing an *AMS override.

The section should have the following notation:

***note** The EXCLUDE feature does not function when utilizing an *AMS override. You could receive unexpected results and this is not a feature of the EXCLUDE process capabilities.