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Spectrum Secure Domain Connector (SDC) silent install support for TrapX


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum 10.3.2 introduced "SDC TrapX Support" for the Secure Domain Connector". During a GUI installation of SDC, there is a screen that appears where the user can check the "Enable TrapX" check box to install the trap support. However, there are no instructions on how to enable the Trap Exploder support when running a silent installation of SDC.


Release : Spectrum 10.3.2 and greater

Component : Secure Domain Manager/Connector


Use the following command to run a silent installation of SDC with TrapX support:

 ./install.bin -i Silent -DTRAPX_ENABLE=true

This will install the SDMConnector(TrapX) in the /opt/CA/SDMConnector directory. 

If you wish to have SDC installed in a different directory, run the following command: 

./install.bin -i Silent -DTRAPX_ENABLE=true -DUSER_INSTALL_DIR="/app/spectrum"

This will install the SDMConnector(TrapX) in the /app/spectrum directory. 

Additional Information

To verify that the SDC is performing as the Trap Exploder, verify there is a file named SDC.env in the bin directory in the installation area (default is /opt/CA/SDMconnector/bin/SDC.env).

In this file, the following is needed:


Then check sdmLog.log for this:

"SdmSDConnector::SdmSDConnector() SDC is acting as trapX"

install.bin will be located under the sdmc/<OS> folder within the installation package.

Note: Spectrum 10.4.3 (20.2.7) the SDMConnector looks for the existance of trapX.config in /opt/CA/SDMconnector/bin/ to enable trapX. The trapX.config should be configured with the trapx filter configurations