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Status of group workflow task created using SOAP web services createWorkFlowTask is Wait not Pending


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I'm creating workflow tasks via web services. There is an existing block of tasks within a Group Start task and a Group End block.  The existing tasks in the block are all in "Pending" status.

I receive different results, depending on the method used to create a new workflow task within the group:

  1. If I create a workflow task for a ticket manually, via the web browser interface, it gets created with "Pending" status.
  2. If I create a workflow task via the createWorkFlowTask web services API, it gets created with "Wait" status.

I need the new group tasks to be created with "Pending" status, so that the approvers can validate them without waiting for the previous tasks to be approved.


When working with group workflow tasks, specifying a sequence number for the new task is not sufficient if the group task has already been started (i.e. the status of the Group Start task is "Complete").


Release : 17.1, 17.2



Set the value of "selectedWorkFlow" in the call to createWorkFlowTask. For example, set the value to "PREVIOUS_TASK_".

Additional Information

Here is some sample XML that has been used with the SoapUI tool:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ser="">