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Gen "checkout.trn file is incompatible with this Toolset"


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When try to open a model checkout.trn file in Gen 8.6 Workstation Toolset receive error:

The version of the checkout.trn file is incompatible with this Toolset. 
(Codes <garbled characters>/9.2.A6)


Normally the message should have this syntax:

The version of the checkout.trn file is incompatible with this Toolset.
(Codes Code1/Code2)

Code 1 represents the schema level read by the Toolset from the checkout.trn file.
Code 2 represents the schema level of the Toolset itself.

Both codes need to match otherwise it indicates the checkout.trn file is for a model/subset schema that is different to the toolset e.g. 

However if Code1 shows garbled characters it indicates that the checkout.trn file is corrupt.


Release: Any
Component: Gen Workstation Toolset


In this case the checkout.trn file had been inadvertently corrupted by transferring from the Encyclopedia server to the Toolset machine without setting the ftp mode to binary (ftp typically defaults to ascii mode). After executing another checkout.trn file transfer using ftp binary mode the problem was resolved.

Additional Information

Gen 8.6 documentation: Gen™ 8.6 > Messages >Toolset Messages > Bad CHECKOUT.TRN File Version Error Message