CA View - The ERO Table values are not Being Honored
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CA View - The ERO Table values are not Being Honored


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We are switching some of our sysout retentions over to ERO control. When the backup ran we found that our ERO table is not being honored.  

As of the time of the latest standard backup for each instance, all output is being stored using the SARINIT NGENT and NGEND values, rather than the ERO table values. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client set SARINIT EROPRO=ALL, and the reports were evaluated for ERO retention as expected, at the next View standard backup.

Whenever any change is made to the ERO table, there needs to be at least the setting of SARINIT EROPRO=ALL, if there is not already use of EROPRO=YES.  

At the conclusion of a standard backup, the EROPRO=ALL will automatically be set back to the default of EROPRO=NEW.

Note: In the View Reference guide is the recommendation to always have set EROPRO=YES, which will evaluate every report every time.

Reports that have been collected since the last View backup, will show a Location of DISK, and ERO_ID field of blanks. 

The "Remaining" fields, that show the retentions, will be populated with the SARINIT NGEND and NGENT values.

At the next View standard backup, with use of ERO, the NGEND and NGENT values will be replaced with the ERO table values.

Interim backups do not evaluate ERO.

Only standard backups will evaluate ERO.