SPECTRUM NCM Custom Device Families not pulling device from out of the box device families
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SPECTRUM NCM Custom Device Families not pulling device from out of the box device families


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Devices in the 'Juniper JUNOS' device family are not being moved into a custom device family.

NOTE: This issue was originally seen on Juniper Devices but since has also been seen on Cisco and others. 


In some cases, only a select few devices are being moved into the custom DF, but most of them still remain in the OOB family. We attempted to manually move all of these devices into a temporary DF then remove it, but all the devices went right back into the OOB family. 


Release : 10.3


This functionality has been added in Spectrum 10.3.2.  On the Configuration Manager model, there is a new option that needs to be set to Enabled:

configuration manager -->information -->general configuration -->migrate devices from out of box device families to custom device families 

In a Distributed SpectroSERVER environment, you will need to manually set this attribute to Enabled/Yes on all SpectroSERVERs as the GUI only changes the Main Location Server setting.  To change this on all SpectroSERVERs:

Run a search for Modeltype Name Equal to ConfigurationManager for all Landscapes. Alternative, you can also run a Locator search on Application Models > by Name > "ConfigurationManager"

Select each non MLS ConfigurationManager model and in the attributes tab, change the value for “MigrateDevicesToOOBFamilies” to Yes to edit them individually

Or, Select-All > right-click > Utilities > Attribute Editor and search for 'MigrateDevicesToOOBFamilies' to edit all ConfigurationManager models in bulk. 


NOTE: This is fixed in Spectrum version 20.2.x and up on fresh installs - however on UPGRADES the default value was originally "disabled" and the "MigrateDevicesToOOBFamilies" does not switch to "enabled" on the upgrade, so the older upgraded Landscapes may need to have this attribute value changed manually per the above steps.