What is an AXA Session
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What is an AXA Session


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CA Application Experience Analytics SaaS (AXA)


I have not found a definition of what is a 'session' for AXA. We have sessions that last a wide variety of time periods. What am I looking at that represents what, when I am viewing 'session' information in App Experience Analytics? Secondarily, and perhaps informed by the definition, Why is there such a range of timeframes for sessions?


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 SESSION: A session in AXA is defined as a user or application defined start of the SDK/BA.js initialization. A session lasts as long as there are the following activities: 

1. Network events (N/W calls being made/received - Including API calls) 

2. Touch events - Mobile - Any activity on the application screen on the device, where the application is instrumented with AXA SDK 

3. View events - Active application page loads, refresh or other activities 

A session ends due to the following reason: 

MOBILE: The user force closes the application The application experiences a crash and closes automatically There is no user activity beyond 30 minutes and the session ends due to time out 

WEB: User closes the active browser window or tab. User-defined end of session based on some events (Ex: We have a end session API that can be called at completion of the LOGOUT activity) 

https://docops.ca.com/ca-app-experience-analytics-digital-experience-insights-from-ca/ga/en/using/app-sessions%23AppSessions-Sessions For one customer's screenshots, the session duration shows a * * indicates a session in progress -> Session has a start time but not an end time. 

The reason why the AXA sessions are short can be many: 

1. App experiences a crash 

2. End session API is called prematurely 

3. Application is force closed. 

Wrap the application log in DEBUG to learn more.