CAICCI task is not communicating with DRAS; Error Opening folder! Error #6
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CAICCI task is not communicating with DRAS; Error Opening folder! Error #6


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Output Management Web Viewer


We recently installed 11.5 on our test servers.  When we attempt to access any folders, we receive  the error below.    We were able to successfully run the Test dialog to completion. 


Release : 11.5

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


The 14.1 CAIC3CCI.DLL module is not picked up by the 11.5 Web Viewer application from the C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CA_APPSW folder via the Windows System Path Envirionment Variable.


Known problem in this customer's environment - the 14.1 version of CAIC3CCI.dll must be copied into the Web Viewer Scripts folder so the application may access it.

Additional Information

It's not the install that failed to copy the executable to the Scripts folder. It should not be necessary to copy the module there. The Web Viewer application should be able to access CAIC3CCI.DLL in the folder where the rest of CCI is installed (CA_APPSW), as long as that location is referenced in your Windows System Path Environment Variable. For some reason (which wasn't determined), that doesn't work in some environments. In such environments, we work around the anomaly by copying the CAIC3CCI.DLL file into the folder from which the Web Viewer application executes (Scripts).

If running secured, also copy over the SSL dll's to the Scripts folder.