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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Hello, I open a question on the discussion without answer. 


 I'm masking an Excel document and I get an issue with field that have formula. 

 Example : 

 In the « Formule » field it's an Excel Formula. 

 ex : 20 After the masking ex : 4*5 

 When we go in the field we have =4*5 

 When I go in the field and go out, I get the 20 result. 


Release : 4.7

Component : CA Test Data Manager - Fast Data Masker


This is resolved in FastDataMasker- 

There is an EXCEL setting that you need to set to see the formula. The default is to NOT have that set.  

Please contact BC Support to get the mention patch or a greater one.  Please note that this did NOT get in the 4.8 GA version of TDM.