What does message Bypassing Tablespace DSSIZE > 64GB mean?
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What does message Bypassing Tablespace DSSIZE > 64GB mean?


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Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Executing an Extract Procedure, that includes some objects with a DSSIZE greater than 64GB, Database Analyzer (PDA) is issuing messages that these objects are bypassed, however when it processes the Action procedure, it then selects these objects and generates Action JCL.    

 ==> Bypassing TABLESPACE - <tsname>  DSSIZE>64G

What does the Bypassing message mean and can it be ignored? 

The extract completes successfully with a return code 4 and the expected Action JCL is generated.





Database Analyzer has toleration support for Tablespaces with DSSIZE>64G. When the extract encounters these object types the expected results are as follows:

1. Return code 4 - tolerated feature detected .

2. Statistics collection is bypassed with reason "DSSIZE>64G" displayed in the extract portion of the output e.g.

   ==> Bypassing TABLESPACE - <tsname> DSSIZE>64G

3. The object is selected for action processing in the action processing portion of the output e.g. 

   Tablespace - <tsname> - Selected

4. Action JCL is generated for the selected objects.

Based on this, then PDA is behaving correctly and these 'bypassing' messages can be ignored.