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Where to run the SPILL job DBSPILL and other Datacom housekeeping utilities (Backup etc.) for a CA Disk FDB in a Sysplex?


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Assume a Sysplex with 2 blocks of 2 Lpars with separate catalogs, tape management systems and libraries, LP11 and LP12 vs. LP21 and LP22.

Assume they also have two separate CA Disk FDBs, an FDB with DBID 650 for the data on LP11 and LP12,

and another CA Disk FDB with DBID 651 for the data on LP21 and LP22.

Both FDB's are defined under one Datacom DISKMUF and there is also a Shadow MUF.

However, these MUFs may run on any of the 4 Lpars.


Where to run the SPILL job and other Datacom housekeeping jobs like DB Backup?

How this should set up? Any best practice for this?


CA Disk 12.5 with Datacom/AD 15.0 FDB.


The SPILL job and any other DBUTLTY function can be run on any of the 4 LPARS within the Sysplex.

For the SPILL job not to get a RC 40(114) when running on another Lpars than where the MUF runs, the MUF TASKS size needs to be at least 33K.

Check the TASKS parameter in the start-up of the DISKMUF.