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Message 'Unauthorized Selection' on Batch Batch Link Selection panel when Using Intertest Batch


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InterTest - Batch


I've recently applied the latest maintenance to Intertest Batch Vers 11. (PTF level SO07740). On our test/sandbox LPAR there are no issues, but on our development LPAR we're getting 'Unauthorized Selection' message on the Batch Link Selection panel. Obviously there's a difference somewhere, but I'm not able to determine what the difference is. Batch Link Status shows up as ENABLED on both LPAR's & the batch jobs on both LPAR's are generating the BATCH SESSION message: * INTERTEST BATCH SESSION #0001 FOR USER TS00RSW BEGINS AT 11:40:51 ON 05/28/19 




The client forgot to remove the older CA Intertest batch r 8.5 load library from the link list. When the client started  CA Intertest batch at IPL time using CAS9 CAIRIM the CA  Intertest batch  r 8.5 load modules were loaded into system storage and not the R 11 modules. This is a mixed release installation which is not supported.


The client was running mixed releases r 8.5 at CAS9 CAIRIM time and the CA Intertest  ISPF r 11 batch link. The client had to remove the old CA Intertest batch load library from the linklist and IPL the LPAR for the change to take affect.