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Conversion from Macro4 VTAMPrint to CA Raps


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Raps VSE


We are considering a conversion from Macro4 VTAMPrint to CA Raps on our z/VSE systems.  In the current VTAMPrint environment, we have quite a lot of JCL that uses the M4VAPDS batch utility to split/segment/combine existing output in the POWER LST queue.  I see that the CAPRUTL0 utility is available in RAPS to do the same or similar.  Does CA have any documentation/tools to help with this conversion? 

Also, the target z/VSE systems do not run CICS, so can I run the batch utility CAPRUTL0 without having RAPS running in CICS? 


  • z/VSE 6.2
  • CA Raps 5.0


Advised the customer that after checking our database and consulting with Level 2, it was determined that we don't have any documentation/tools available for the Macro4 VTAMPrint conversion to CA Raps.  

Regarding the customer's additional question, Level 2 advised that the batch utility CAPRUTL0 should work for him without having RAPS running in CICS if it is initialized at IPL time.