UIM 9.1.0 (SP1) installer fails with message about fresh install
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UIM 9.1.0 (SP1) installer fails with message about fresh install


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customer installed UIM server v9.02 into f:\nimsoft but the 9.1 SP1 installer doesn't find this install or allow the customer to  specify the install path. It just ends with a message about how it can't do a fresh install, or that instead of an upgrade a fresh install will be done.

This issue may occurs also when upgrading from 9.2 to 20.1


Release: UIM 9.0.2 upgrading to 9.1.0
Release: UIM 9.2 upgrading to 20.1

Component : UIM - INSTALL


- leftover references in installer registry file


Examine the Zero G registry file:



in the directory:

   C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry


Then edit it, and remove any references to the undesired drive, e.g., C:\,  in that file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<registry install_date="2019-05-29 07:16:43" version="1.1" last_modified="2019-06-06 11:09:28">


           <product name="CA Unified Infrastructure Management Server" id="ee49becc-1efa-11b2-8aab-f7901e5f1358" upgrade_id="40d70a7a-1f3d-11b2-8887-cf9be498acc3" version="" copyright="2019" info_url="" support_url="" location="F:\Nimsoft" last_modified="2019-06-06 11:08:50">


                <vendor name="" id="40d70a7a-1f3d-11b2-9492-cf9be498acc3" home_page="" email=""/>

                <feature short_name="Application" name="Application" last_modified="2019-06-06 11:08:50">

                <![CDATA[This installs the application feature.]]>

                     <component ref_id="3554f52a-1efa-11b2-9a53-f7901e5f1357" version="" location="F:\Nimsoft\_ca_uimserver_installation\uninstall.exe"/>

                     <component ref_id="3554f52b-1efa-11b2-9a53-f7901e5f1357" version="" location="f:\Nimsoft\_ca_uimserver_installation_bundled_jre"/>

                     <component ref_id="00885e78-1f22-11b2-863a-c1fda5f1d616" version="" location=""/>





           <component id="3554f52b-1efa-11b2-9a53-f7901e5f1357" version="" name="InstallAnywhere VM Component" location="f:\Nimsoft\_ca_uimserver_installation_bundled_jre" vendor="CA"/>

           <component id="3554f52a-1efa-11b2-9a53-f7901e5f1357" version="" name="InstallAnywhere Uninstall Component" location="F:\Nimsoft\_ca_uimserver_installation\uninstall.exe" vendor="CA"/>

           <component id="00885e78-1f22-11b2-863a-c1fda5f1d616" version="" name="AG- Application, Application" location=""/>




Then rerun the UIM installer.