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RPT-0008: Specified report was not found on the reporting server


Article ID: 133037


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Clarity PPM On Premise


After a Jaspersoft upgrade, we found that a report is missing:

The report name is the Roadmap Timeline report.

Upon checking the logs i found the below error:

Error occurred while scheduling the report. Resource /ca_ppm/reports/investment_management/CSK_INV_RoadmapTimeline not found.

I then logged on to advanced reporting and checked the domain repository.

The Roadmap Timeline folder in the above path was missing in the Investment Management section.


Jaspersoft content was not upgraded.


Release : 15.6

Component :PPMJSP


Run the command:

admin content-jaspersoft csk  -userName superuser –password superuser upgrade

This will automatically import the report and all the changes and added new features to the other reports since the previous versions. You can also do it manually, the command is the recommended way as it will update everything in the content.

Please test this on Test environment and confirm the report was created. Ensure you remove all custom reports from CA PPM folder first as you don't want them to get overwritten.