VKG0193I Obj=OBJ02383 not created yet
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VKG0193I Obj=OBJ02383 not created yet


Article ID: 133021


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Trying to open Object "(OBJ02383) Cataloged Aliases with Entries/No Entries" fails with message

 "VKG0193I Obj=OBJ02383 not created yet..."


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


This Object is created running the GETALIAS script. Be sure this script was running successfully so that the object was created.
The script can be configured and executed in the Windows Client using "Configure GETALIAS" and "Run GETALIAS Scr" from the Actions Tab.

NOTE: The GETALIAS VKGPARM is used to determine the contents of the Object.
Following is the description of this VKGPARM:

Specify the type of audit you want to perform by using the value ALL or ZERO. ALL will give you the number of entries for all aliases defined in the master catalog. ZERO will give you all aliases defined in the master catalog with no entries. The default is ZERO.