Client Automation - AM Query based on IP Address range
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Client Automation - AM Query based on IP Address range


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How to create a AM Query returning computers based on range of IP Address ?

Example :

How to return all computers inside these ranges of IP Address : - and -


Client Automation 12.9 and after

Starting Microsoft SQL Server 2012


  1. In DSM Explorer, go under Queries. Right on a folder where the query should be created and select New


2- Select Computers and click OK

3- Click on Advanced Argument


4- In "Add Advanced Argument" dialog box, put :

Pseudo text : IP Address between and

Table : -Any-

Additional WHERE clause :

select object_uuid from ca_agent where agent_type=1 and parsename(ip_address,4)=10 and parsename(ip_address,3)=11 and parsename(ip_address,2)=12 and ((parsename(ip_address,1)>=1 and parsename(ip_address,1)<=126) OR (parsename(ip_address,1)>=129 and parsename(ip_address,1)<=254)) 

Remark : The SQL query should be put in a single line without carriage return.


5- Click OK