UIM - Retrieve device discovery results used by snmpcollector probe
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UIM - Retrieve device discovery results used by snmpcollector probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This kb article provides the queries used to retrieve device profile and device discovery information from the database so that the end user will have a clear understanding of SNMP device management in the UIM domain. 


Release :  20.x/20.3.x

Component : UIM - SNMPCOLLECTOR 4.x


Connect to CA_UIM database and run below query to get information related to  SNMP devices that are discovered via SNMP protocol AND are(were) monitored via snmpcollector probe:


1. The device name, device display name, device id, device display id for the devices that are discovered via SNMP protocol and monitored via snmpcollector probe.

2. The snmpcollector probe information used to monitor SNMP devices including snmpcollector probe robot name, snmpcollector probe robot id, snmpcollector probe robot origin.

3. The disovery_agent probe information including discovery_agent probe address, discovery_agnet probe hub name.

-- Returns the discovery result of SNMP protocol:

select d.dev_name, d.dev_id, d.dev_ip, d.time_created, d.time_processed, cs.name as device_display_name, cs.cs_id as device_display_id, cs.origin as device_origin,

cs2.name as probe_robot_name, cs2.cs_id as probe_roobt_id, cs2.origin as probe_origin,

da.address as agent_address, da.hub as agent_hub

from cm_device d

left outer join cm_device d2 on d.dev_src_id = d2.dev_id

left outer join cm_computer_system cs2 on d2.cs_id = cs2.cs_id

left outer join cm_computer_system cs on d.cs_id = cs.cs_id

left outer join cm_discovery_agent da on cs.da_id = da.da_id

where d.probe_name = 'snmpcollector'

order by d.dev_name, agent_hub, d.time_created desc;


Note :If you don't see any discovery_agent information, this may indicate that the device was added to snmpcollector manually. 

Note : The device might not be currently monitored by the snmpcollector probe, for example profiles have been disabled or removed from the probe, but the discovery result is kept unchanged.


Run below query to gather SNMP credential and device network information:


1. The name and its creation&update time of SNMP profiles that are created in the discovery wizard and managed by discovery_server probe. 

2. SNMP credential details including protocol version.

3. The information of discovery networks that are attached to the SNMP credentials including network profile name and its creation&update time.

4. The information of disovery_agent probes that are used to perform device discovery with these profiles.


-- Returns the discovery config information:

select sa.description as snmp_credential_name, sa.created as snmp_credential_created, sa.updated as snmp_credential_updated, sa.version as snmp_credential_version, sa.seclevel as snmp_credential_seclevel,

dn.description as snmp_network_name, dn.network as snmp_network, dn.created as snmp_network_created, dn.updated as snmp_network_updated,

da.address as agent_address, da.hub as agent_hub, da.ip as agent_ip

from cm_snmp_authentication sa

left outer join cm_network_snmp ns on sa.snmp_id= ns.snmp_id

left outer join cm_discovery_network dn on ns.network_id = dn.network_id

left outer join cm_discovery_agent da on dn.da_id = da.da_id

order by address, snmp_credential_name, snmp_network_name;


Note :Not all SNMP profiles are used for discovery tasks and hence you might see the empty network and/or empty agent information.