UMP installation defaults to using Primary hub robot not the UMP robot
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UMP installation defaults to using Primary hub robot not the UMP robot


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customer ran the UMP installation on the Primary hub but it defaulted to the Primary hub robot and not the existing UMP Robot machine where the wasp is already installed.

The UIM Primary Hub was upgraded to v9.1.0 via the UIM installer.

Then when the UMP install was run, the UMP Robot was not select-able when running the installer:

   ump-installer-9.1.0-windows_x64 to upgrade UMP to 9.1.0.

The installer only detected the Primary hub robot and not the robot on the UMP machine which was still running 9.02.

"The installer has detected that /xxxxxxx-X19931_domain/xxxxxxx-X19931_hub/xxxxxxx-X19930 is already running UMP Select an action to perform on the existing

***Note that as it states in the SP1 guide, you MUST upgrade the UMP robot to v9.10 first, before running the UMP installation.***


Release: UIM 9.1.0

Component: UMP/wasp


- Previous ump package installation


1. On the Primary hub, cancel the UMP installation before continuing, and then,

2. Select the controller probe and press Ctrl-P to open the probe utility

3. Select the controller probe callback inst_pkg_remove on the primary hub controller

4. Set the package field value to ump and remove the ump package

5. Click the green arrow to execute the callback

6. Rerun the UMP installation (ump-installer-9.1.0-windows_x64) from the Primary hub

7. During the UMP installation, make sure you select the UMP robot, not the Primary hub robot.