Alarm message update not showing in UMP
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Alarm message update not showing in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have created a pre-processing rule in the NAS which adds the Robotname at the beginning of each alarm message.This works fine and this is verified in IM with all the alarms having the robotname at the beginning of the message.Customer logs onto UMP and says they are just as before and not there. When I look in the database in the nas_transaction_summary table, the updated messages are there..

And in the nas_alarms table, and the nas_transaction_log table.


Release : 8.51 or higher

Component : UIM NAS


- nas internationalization setting is enabled by default


Disable internationalization in the nas under the General Tab.

Please refer to:

Acknowledge the existing-current alarm messages for them to refresh and display the leading robot name in the alarm message in the USM Alarms view.