CA IDM failed with LDAP error message
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CA IDM failed with LDAP error message


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CA IDM failed with LDAP error message causing system to be unavailable, and restart fixed the issue. We are doing a triage to understand the root cause


Release : 12.6

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


12.6.4 version of IM was end of lifed october of last year.

it seems that your LDAP server was unavailable. then the connection pool was exhausted and the app server has no way to rebuild a connection pool without a restart of the application server.

this really has nothing to do with IM, but more to do with the underlaying third party tools in use by IM.

you can read about it more with this error:

and here:

I had to send the 12.6.5 docs because 12.6.4 docs do not exist anymore and I cannot verify if connection pooling was configurable at that time.