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How to copy contents of SSM policy for use in other LPAR(s)/data set suffix of SSM policy database


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Have created/tested SSM policy on Sysprog LPAR. Am building new SSM policy on second LPAR and want to build using contents of first policy.  What is the best way to do this? 


Release : 13.0 and above 

Component : OPS/MVS


Need information on how to copy or deploy a SSM policy to a new LPAR   


There are two methods that can be used to copy the SSM policy.   

1.  Create REXX code to copy a table via a series of READTBL and WRITETBL statement,     A benefit of this method is you can see what you transferred, share it with others, and reuse it for future deployments.

2.  Use the RDF Table Editor panel (=2.6) to copy tables to a new system. 

If panel usage is preferred, go to the RDF Table Editor (=2.6), and use the Copy command to achieve the same thing. On the screen hit enter to populate the RDF Table List. Then use C line command next to the Table(s) you want to copy over, and in the ‘New Table’ column, on the same line, you would enter NewSystem>table name . For example, SYSB>MYSSM would copy the MYSSM table to SYSB. To use this panel, shared DASD is a requirement.