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Is "Staff OBS" functionality (such as Role Replace) available in the New UX?


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Is Staff OBS Unit functionality available in the New User Experience (UX/UI)? 


If the Investment 'Default Resource OBS' Field is set for a Unit on a Department type of OBS structure, the Staff OBS Unit field will automatically get populated for Resources added as a Staff Members.  The Roles do not automatically get a Department Staff OBS Unit populated because any type of Role is not allowed to have a Department OBS Unit or Location OBS Unit defined on their properties profile.  

We have configured our OBS Structures to align with Resource Managers and we want to align the Roles staffed on an investment to managers for requesting named resources. 

We would like to use the Staff OBS Unit on the Roles in the Modern UX.





Releases PRIOR to 15.6.1

  • For Clarity versions lower then 15.6.1, Staff OBS Unit field is not available in the Modern UX 
  • You can set the Staff OBS Unit for ROLES in Classic or upgrade to 15.6.1 or beyond -- OR --
  • You can use the new 'Requested Manager' as a field for filtering to request named resources to fulfill a role in the Modern UX. 


Release 15.6.1+

  • Starting in Release 15.6.1, an enhancement has been added where you can add the 'Staff OBS Unit' field as a column to the STAFF Module grid for a Project, Idea or Custom Investment Type (CIT).
  • You can then update the 'Staff OBS Unit' field for Roles
  • If the Investment's 'Default Resource OBS' field is populated and when adding Resources that have an OBS Unit from the same structure, it will automatically populate the Staff OBS Unit Field (this is only for Resources, not Roles). 
  • When a Staff Resource or Role is replaced, the saved, Staff OBS Unit value is retained for the replacement Staff Member. 
  • You can continue to use the 'Requested Manager' as a field for filtering to request named resources to fulfill a Role in the Modern UX.