CA Bundl - View retention shows strange values on reports reprinted from archive
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CA Bundl - View retention shows strange values on reports reprinted from archive


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I noticed some strange things when I restore reports from Archived Reports to Current Reports. One of them has its retention period as shown below:

Retention Period  ==> 03R (So, yes, there a R at the end of 03)

I tried to restore another report that has View Retpd => 001 and it was restored on current reports like
Retention Period  ==> 024

Could you help identify what is happening? 


Release : 5.0

Component : CA Bundl



Regarding your question on the 'R' that you are seeing in the "Retention Period" for SOME of the reports you have recovered from Archive back into Current Reports...

Answer: A retention value that includes an 'R' indicates that it was a reprint from archive that is over 998 days old. 

Additional Information

 And for some clarification on why the retention for these reprinted reports may look strange to you...

- The view retention for a report brought back from Archive to View does not use the RTF view retention.

- The system default for reprint retention is specified in the "Max Reprint Retpd" field on screen 4.4 (processing options) in CA Bundl. This is also the maximum retention for reprints.  

- Bundl calculates the retention by: (CURRENT DATE - ARCHIVE DATE) + MAX REPRINT RETENTION.


If a reprinted archive report with 3 days retention specified on the "Reprint Parameters" screen was archived 365 days ago, and the MAXIMUM REPRINT RETENTION is 365 days, then the report will show RETENTION PERIOD=368 if you type a 'C' next to it when it is put back into Current Reports (View).

However, even though CA Bundl is showing the view retention as 368,  the report should be be deleted after only 3 days. This is because the 365 days from the reports original archive date has already expired.