Oracle probe metrics are shown under robot device running oracle probe
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Oracle probe metrics are shown under robot device running oracle probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Oracle probe metrics are not displayed under the Orale DB server device in USM as expected. 


Release :

Component : UIM - ORACLE


No ORACLE_HOME is defined.


Add ORACLE_HOME environment variable in Controller config->Setup->Environment tab

Setting the ORACLE_HOME path is mandatory to generate the correct Device ID, routing the QoS messages and alarms to the correct device, and viewing data on the Unified Service Manager (USM). Find more information:

Note that the ORACLE_HOME variable is used for locating Oracle Net configuration files like tnsnames.ora. Even when an EZCONNECT string is used in the oracle probe config and the string specifies DB server hostname, the ORACLE_HOME variable is required to resolve this issue.

For library loading path (e.g., OCI), use PATH and/or LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable instead. When configuring such variables, include variable ORACLE_HOME when using instant client, or include ORACLE_HOME/bin, ORACLE_HOME/lib when using Oracle client, in the corresponding user variables.

Additional Information

How to determine Oracle Home installed on a Windows Platform:

For Oracle Client or Oracle Instant Client installed via GUI installer, find the information in local registry:


Note 32 bits client is not supported, such home can be found in the local registry:


For Oracle Instant Client - Basic on a Windows Platform:

The Oracle home is the folder path where you have unzipped the file downloaded from Oracle Site and where you can find oci.dll.

For other platforms, check the corresponding environment variables set for the local Oracle Software owner user.