Spectrum Device Reconfiguration
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Spectrum Device Reconfiguration


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Device model names are not get updated unless the device model is Reconfigured or the user clicks on Reconfiguration tab under Component Details.

Is there any other method to ensure that model name and system name stay in sync?


DX NetOps Spectrum 20.2 or later


Spectrum does not reconfigure the device models on a nightly basis. 

Spectrum will automatically reconfigure a device model IF the following are true:

  1. The "Automatically Reconfigure Interfaces" parameter in the Reconfiguration subview in the Information tab of the Component Detail panel of the model is set to Yes

  2. Spectrum detects a reconfiguration of the device associated with the model. Spectrum detects a reconfiguration by polling the following three attributes every scheduled poll:




If Spectrum detects the current value read is different from the previous value, Spectrum will reconfigure the model

Otherwise, the model has to be manually reconfigured by doing one of the following:

  1. Right mouse click on the individual model and select Reconfiguration -> Reconfigure Model from the menu
  2. Select the model and click on the "Reconfigure Model" button in the Reconfiguration subview in the Information tab of the Component Detail panel
  3. Run the Command Line Interface (CLI) reconfiguration update action on the model. Reference:

    TechDocs : DX NetOps 22.2 Spectrum : update - Updates Model and Model Attributes

NOTE: You can use the CLI reconfiguration update action in a script to run this update action on a list of models. Then, schedule the script to run periodically. Please be aware that running the model reconfiguration to often on too many models can cause a performance issue with the SpectroSERVER.