Unable to Create Link to Classic Timesheets after New UX Timesheets enabled
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Unable to Create Link to Classic Timesheets after New UX Timesheets enabled


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Clarity PPM SaaS


  • When the New User Experience is enabled along with the New Timesheets interface, the classic timesheet link and shortcut icon are removed by design.
  • Is there a way to access classic timesheets still, or is access shut down?



Component: Clarity Timesheets


  • By design, the classic timesheet link from the Home menu and the timesheet shortcut icon at the top right are removed to enable users to adopt the Modern Timesheets.
  • Because there is preference for the classic timesheets, there needs to a way to recreate the link to the classic timesheets.



To create a link to the Classic Timesheets:

1. Go to Administration > Object > project > Actions tab > Click New

2. Enter fields: 

  • Action Name
  • Action ID 
  • Type=External Link 
  • Scope=Global 
  • URL= 


3. Click Save and Return.

4. Go to Menu Manager > Application Menu > Click Add

5. Select: Action Link and enter fields:
  • Link Name  
  • ActionName   
  • Page Name   
  • Parent Menu Item  
6. Click Save and Return


  • You can also get to the classic timesheets without the steps above by using a URL similar too:
    • just replace “yourserver” with your URL information. 

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