TPX generating Health Checker message: TPX_STORAGE_OVERFLOW_@TPX
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TPX generating Health Checker message: TPX_STORAGE_OVERFLOW_@TPX


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TPX - Session Management


Observed multiple Health Check message: 
          TPX_STORAGE_OVERFLOW_@TPX in the console display.

Also observed message :
         TPXH3003E Slot#  4 - ABOVE The line - is in overload in the TPX LOG.

What is the impact on TPX .



Release : 5.4
Component : CA-TPX for Z/OS


The 'Overflow' is not an error. TPX has its own Storage management function.
This message is displayed when a SLOT becomes full it spills into the next slot and triggers a message that is captured by IBM Health Checker.
This is the normal TPX storage management process.

Health Check message TPXH3003E, indicates that SLOT 4 has exceeded the slot overload percentage defined within the SMRT.
This SLOT may or may not have overflowed which would result in a TPX300 message in the TPX log.
An overload situation has no corresponding TPX log messages.

Additional Information

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