How can you assign more than one project manager to a project in Clarity PPM?
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How can you assign more than one project manager to a project in Clarity PPM?


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Is there a way to have more than one project manager on a project or at least have the ability to easily assign a resource or group of resources edit capabilities? 

Example use case: We have members of the PMO that need the ability to manage projects on behalf of or during the PM's out of office.


While you can't assign more than one project manager to a project, you can grant project edit rights to multiple users via other methods:

From within an individual project:

1. In order for a user to grant access, the user requires both Project - Edit Access Rights and also Project - Edit Management rights to the project

2. To grant access with the above rights, go to the Project Properties drop down -> Access to this project

Group access to edit one or more projects:

For example, if all users in a PMO group should have access to one or more projects:

1. If a group doesn't yet exist, create a group via Administration->Organization and Access->Groups-New

2. From the group, add the applicable users from the Resources tab

3. Grant project - edit rights from the Group Access Right's tab drop down at the Instance, OBS, or Global level depending on the amount of projects they should have rights to edit

Individual Resource rights to edit one or more projects:

You can grant a resource access to multiple projects via the Instance, OBS, or Global level. To grant this access:

1. Go to Administration->Resources and click on the resource

2. Click on the Resource's Access Rights drop down and select the appropriate level of access

Note: There are 2 project - edit access rights available at the instance and OBS level. At the Global level, the one right is Project - Edit Management - All

Here's a breakdown of the two rights available at the Instance and OBS level:

  • Project - Edit Management - Allows user to edit the general and management properties, staff and tasks for the selected project if it has been enabled for management. This includes the ability to add sub-projects to it as well as edit it in Microsoft Project.
  • Project - Edit - Allows user to edit all parts of a project except for Document Management, Calendar, Action Items, Discussions and Custom Defined Fields.