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Download Open Java for Web Viewer 12.1


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Oracle recently introduced new licensing rules for their Java runtimes, requiring us to carefully consider our future use of Java. They are requiring a subscription license purchase to receive updates. The Oracle JDK or Java SE is the most commonly used Java product in our environment. Activating and using the Commercial features of JAVA will require a license. 


Release : 12.1


Oracle Java JRE and JDK


Download the JDK. It should be at least Java 8 and we are certified up through Java 11. We do not specifically require the Oracle version of the JRE or JDK.  Already a number of different types are being used with Web Viewer 12.1 including IBM Java and Java supplied with the various distributions of Linux. Although we are using Oracle Java here now, we will not be continuing to do that as we will no longer be licensing it for our own use either. 

There is one Open Source (no license required), that we are using:  

How to Download 

  1. Go to AdoptOpenJDK 
  2. Choose OpenJDK 11 (LTS) and HotSpot
  3. Click the blue button  that leads you to a page that says Download Temurin for Windows x64 with Temurin 11 (LTS) selected
  4. Click the blue button that says Latest release (currently jdk-11.0.13+8)

Additional Information

LTS - means Long Term Support

What happened to AdoptOpenJDK?
Short answer: The project got so big that we chose to move under the Eclipse Foundation as announced last year to provide us some additional stability for the future!

Longer answer: The builds you know as AdoptOpenJDK are now "Eclipse Temurin by Adoptium" (release blog post) Don't worry though - despite the branding changes it is the same open build processes, AQAvit test suites and primarily the same team producing them as before, but there are more larger companies now involved in the working group.