Download an Open Java for Web Viewer 12.1
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Download an Open Java for Web Viewer 12.1


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Oracle recently introduced new licensing rules for their Java runtimes, requiring us to carefully consider our future use of Java. They are requiring a subscription license purchase to receive updates. The Oracle JDK or Java SE is the most commonly used Java product in our environment. Activating and using the Commercial features of JAVA will require a license. What else can we use?


Release : 12.1

Component WEB VIEWER

Oracle Java JRE and OpenJDK 


We do not specifically require the Oracle version of the JRE or JDK. We support a number of different types that are being used with Web Viewer 12.1 including IBM Java and Java supplied with the various distributions of Linux. We are not recommending any particular distribution.  A number of our customers have asked about OpenJDK.  Feel free to chose a different distribution - see the list under Additional Information below

How to Download ADOPTIUM for Windows:

  • Go to ADOPTIUM (previously known as AdoptOpenJDK )
  • Select
    • Windows Operating System      (ADOPTIUM offers Java for many different platforms. You can select other platforms)
    • Architecture x64
    • Package Type JDK
    • Version 11
  • Download the product as a .zip file or .msi
  • Right click on the downloaded file and select Install. The install will run as Administrator
  • On the Custom Setup page, click on Add to PATH and Set JAVA_HOME variable in addition to any defaults
  • Click install
  • Follow prompts until complete

NOTE: Web Viewer is certified to run Java versions from 8 to 16.  Do not go higher than Java 16. We recommend that you select 11 because that is a Long Term Support (LTS) release.
Java 7 is not supported.


Additional Information

To see a list of Java providers, go to this external link (others available with internet search)

OpenJDK Providers and Comparison