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Outage Log Group report no records with German week day


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


We are facing an issue with German week day entries in Spectrum "Outage Log-Group" report and "Detailed Event Log: All" (sub-report). 

Outage Log-Group:

When the report shows "No Records Found" the time period is filled in German language. 

I've checked this also for the "Alarm Log Group" Report, but without this language issue.

Detailed Event Log: All (sub-report):

(i.e. Top-N report, select link in "Number of Events", to open this sub-report)

The Report Period section shows a German week day, instead of an English one, as in all the other reports.


Customer had previously installed with German locale and changed after some time to English locale.


Release : Spectrum 10.3.2

Component : Spectrum Reporting


There is an issue with the Java method which Spectrum uses in this particular reports, while showing Report Period into date format. 

In all the other reports it is using the inbuilt Jasper function to convert a Date into a readable format. 

As this is the only in two reports showing,  it will be changed in Report design to use the Jasper function. 

This fix is planned to be delivered to Spectrum 10.4.

Additional Information

Spectrum 10.4, is scheduled to be release in the second half of CY 2019.