After upgrade to Spectrum 10.3.2 Web Console Fails to start
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After upgrade to Spectrum 10.3.2 Web Console Fails to start


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Have recently upgraded our Test Spectrum Deployment to 10.3.2, to test out functionality and test the upgrade process for it.

All went well, except we cannot get the Web Console to work. 

We have gone through the pre-requirements on docops, installed the missing xvfb package (Linux) and started second catalina instance. 

But are getting a 404 error on the web console popup page.


Release : Spectrum 10.3.2 (Linux)

Component : Spectrum OneClick


The upgrade failed to extract the 

- Install "unzip" on the OneClick server if needed 

- Copy the extracted spectrum.war file to the $SPECROOT/webtomcat/webapps folder as well as the $SPECROOT/webtomcat/webswing folder

- Restart the WebTomcat process

- Open the OneClick Webapp configuration page (i.e. http://localhost:9443/spectrum - if default WebTomcat port 9443 is used)

- Select "Manage"

- Select the "Show config" button

- In the "3.1 Launcher Configuration -> Main Arguments" section set the OneClick server details manually.

  (i.e. -host localhost -port 8080 -ssl false -contextPort 43000 -compress 9)

- Login to the OneClick web page

- Select "OneClick WebApp (Beta)

This should launch the OneClick WebApp client!