EE_PW_USERLOCKED Account locked When attempting to log in USS
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EE_PW_USERLOCKED Account locked When attempting to log in USS


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CA Service Desk Manager - Unified Self Service


When attempting to log in USS it prompts an invalid username or password for every user. the liferay log shows the error bellow:

INFO [EEMLogin:125] Found EEM Authentication enabled for XXXXXXX

ERROR [EEMLogin:120] Error during authentication in EEM [Authenticate Error: Account Locked, Identity Attempted: eiamadmin] EE_PW_USERLOCKED Account locked


Release: 17.1

Component: Unified Self Service and Embeeded Entitlements Manager


The password for the eiamadmin account was modified in EEM or typed incorrectly in the USS control panel configuration. This lead to lock the eiamadmin account in EEM.


If the password of EEM was changed and forgotten and you are not able to access log in EEM, follow the steps bellow:

1. Try the procedure indicated in the document bellow:

Reset Missing or Forgotten EiamAdmin Password in EEM 12.x

2. Then proceed with the step bellow.

If you are able to log in EEM and the issue persist then it means that the password for the EEM settings in USS was changed or it is different and you need to modify it by disabling EEM in the USS MDB.

1. Open SQL server Management Studio take a backup of the USS_MDB

2. Run the query bellow: select preferences from portalpreferences where portalpreferencesid=10160, copy the results in a text file so you can see the entire preferences and look for: <name>eem.authentication.enabled</name><value>true</value> You need to update this line so it has the value set to false.

3. Use the query bellow to update the the value in the options: update portalpreferences set preferences='yoursettings' where portalpreferencesid=10160, your settings are all the settings that exist in the text file which include the modified value.

4. Restart the USS server and try to log in.

5. If the log was successful use the control panel to update the EEM password. Once is set, enable it and save the changes. then test if the log is still successful.