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CA Deliver - Report Identification Text not selecting correct pages


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We are attempting to perform Report Identification Text processing against a standalone report with one report from one step. The report is defined as a TYPE=BASIC report.

We have confirmed that the RIT criteria has been defined correctly and that the text we are looking for is in the correct location on the page.  

However, instead of receiving only the desired pages or the report,   we are still receiving the entire report.


CA Deliver does NOT invoke Report Identification Text processing against a TYPE=BASIC report.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver



CA Deliver will invoke Report Identification Text processing against two different report TYPES. Report Identification Text is used to separate multiple or interleaved reports written to the same DD statement. As such, Report Identification Text only has meaning for report types "STACK" and "INTER".

TYPE=STACK  (stacked report processing)


TYPE=INTER   (interleaved report processing) 

Report Identification Text = The text used in the comparison for a segment within a stacked report or the single character identifier for an interleaved report.

Even though you are working with a "standalone report - with one report from one step" you would still have to define the report TYPE as either STACK or INTER if you want to invoke Report Identification Text processing.