ARD: How can I map the requirements to Stored Paths?
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ARD: How can I map the requirements to Stored Paths?


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How can I map the requirements to Stored Paths? 


Release : 2.x



"How to" Map requirements to path level fields, and then export them to excel using the spreadsheet export .

Here it is:

1. Add Test Data in the Manage->Properties screen, use one test data variable per requirement (this will make it easier to find the relevant variable later when you want to change it)

2. Choose a block that occurs in the path you want to link a requirement too and add the requirement to this block by

a) double clicking the block->Test Data -> Existing Value Choose your value

b) save

3. Export the paths to the spreadsheet and the test-data column will contain all requirements you have linked for the paths in question.

Q. How can i quickly find if a path contains a requirement or not

A. click Path explorer-> choose view test cases and look in the test data column (If you have hidden this column you may need to right-click the header and add it again)

Q. How can i quickly find which blocks contain that requirement on the canvas

A. on the canvas press ctrl-f to bring the filters screen into view and then in the filter type drop down choose test data , now choose the correct test data value/requirement and apply the filter.

Q. What if I want to add the requirement to 100 paths

A. This is tricky if the paths don't all share a common block , the best we can do here is to study the paths and add the requirement to the minimum number of blocks to cover only you're path set.