Filemaster VSAM FIle shows different free space.
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Filemaster VSAM FIle shows different free space.


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File Master Plus


Trying to run the job by using the utility CAWABATC . There is a discrepancy in “Percent Free” in P;FM;3;7 option for the same dataset.In File Master it says 34% free, however the JCL utility reports that the dataset is 100% full.


Release : 10.0

Component : CA File Master Plus


The values shown on the online panel 3.7 do match what is provided by a idcams listcat. So that is correct. The difference between the online DSNINFO and the one in Batch,  the purpose of batch DSNINFO is documented to get a list of data sets on specific volumes. Under ISPF, product goes to the catalog, finds out that the file is a VSAM file and call IDCAMS to get VSAM-specific information. The information displayed in ISPF 3.7 is correct. In batch, DSNINFO with just a file name calls CAWABLCB to get the information from the catalog. That's it. DSNINFO was enhanced (prior to FMMVS version 8.5) to do something specific if only a data set name pattern was specified (i.e. when there was no VOLUME parameter): show the list of data sets that match the pattern, their corresponding volume(s) and additional information from the catalog. It seems that it was never the goal of DSNINFO to provide similar information as ISPF 3.7. The equivalent information of ISPF 3.7 is available via IDCAMS.