Identity portal BACKENDREQUESTID query request ID
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Identity portal BACKENDREQUESTID query request ID


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IDM/Sigma r12.6 SP4. How can I find IDM task ID(e.g. 375fb029-a6e65ae0-091cd777-dae9ea) by Identity portal request ID(e.g. 3241). Currently only way is using IDP admin UI, is there a way to query database?


Component: SIGMA


select BACKENDREQUESTID, status from request_backend where rootid in () REQUEST_BACKEND table has the mapping with the IDM task and IP request, where BACKENDREQUESTID column holds IDM task ID, status holds request status and rootid is the request ID we see in the identity portal.

Note: We see BACKENDREQUESTID value only if a request is sent to IDM. If a request is failed due to an error in the IP itself then we see 'null' value for it. Hence check request status as well.