Data collector offline after upgrade
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Data collector offline after upgrade


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


After upgrading to 3.7 the data collector will not connect to the DA. 

The following is seen in the karaf.log after a reinstall of the data collector

2019-05-23 13:42:09,428 | INFO | Stopping tcp://XX.XXX.XX.XX:56572 because Failed with SecurityException: Broker: da_broker - Client: da_manager-blob_dc_broker_04620c80-c393-46d1-9c58-7b7ff3100e06_outbound already connected from tcp://XX.XXX.XX.XX:41852 | | ActiveMQ BrokerService[da_broker] Task-313 

2019-05-23 13:42:09,428 | INFO | Stopping vm://da_broker#2492 because Failed with SecurityException: Broker: da_broker - Client: da_manager-blob_dc_broker_04620c80-c393-46d1-9c58-7b7ff3100e06_inbound_da_broker already connected from vm://da_broker#40 | | ActiveMQ BrokerService[da_broker] Task-221 


CAPM 3.x


grep brokerName /opt/IMDataCollector/app/broker/apache-activemq-x.xx.x/conf/activemq.xml produces two identical broker names.  Broker names should be unique


The following should be done

1. Stop DC and activemq

- service dcmd stop
- service activemq stop
- ps -ef |grep java to confirm nothing is running 

2. Go to /opt/IMDataCollector/app/apache-karaf-x.x.x/etc 

- This should give you the correct broker id ---> copy to your buffer 
Ex: brokerName="dc_broker_04620c80-c393-46d1-9c58-7b7ff3100e06"

3. Update the activemq.xml file with the correct brokerName 

4. Start the DC (service dcmd start) 

- no need to start activemq, it should start automatically 

Additional Information

DC's may require a reboot after updating the activemq.xml