Where are exits in Auditor panel 3.3.2 found?
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Where are exits in Auditor panel 3.3.2 found?


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Auditor for z/OS


 In function 3.3.2 (DYNAMIC - z/OS dynamic exits),  numerous exits are flagged with, for example, “HZSDUBEX - LIBRARY: PROGRAM NOT FOUND.” The Auditor Using manual says that “The z/OS Dynamic Exits function locates and analyzes exits specified in Parmlib members EXITxx, SMFPRMxx, and PROGxx.” Where are these exits being found or specified? 


Component: EXAMIN


Auditor retrieves the name of the exit and the name of the exit routine module from IBM control blocks. In SYS1.PARMLIB, any PROGxx members with EXIT statements may be building/adding dynamic exits. Also, the CSVDYNEX facility can define, call, and retrieve exits. And in fact, what Auditor does is issue a CSVDYNEX REQUEST=LIST to determine what dynamic exits are present. But, the name of the library where the exit routine resided is not kept in the control blocks. Both PROGxx and CSVDYNEX search for the exit module routine name in the LPA, LINKLIST and the nucleus. However, both PROGxx and CSVDYNEX have a DSNAME parm which can be specified as the library which contains the exit routine module.