Group Preferences are not rolled down to user
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Group Preferences are not rolled down to user


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CA Spectrum


Using Group_managed user administration appears to fail as the customer sees that Group preference reconfiguration is not rolled down to user preferences. 
This issue is seen after ModelingGateway Spectrum data migration from R9.4* to R10.2 new install with Huge Landscape handle. 


This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms. 



Datamigration issue - MGW export and import functionality - here specifically for group and user preferences (and privileges).
NOTE: A solution is potentially obsolete - in case the Spectrum export is already done and therefore missing the data.
So even using the improved MGW from R10.4 install will then not allow a complete import as the data is missing.



The Group/User Preferences are not getting stored and applied when using Modeling Gateway tool (MGW).
The MGW fix is included in 10.3.2 BMP as well as 10.4.0 release.