ODF-0209 decreasing decimal values on a number attribute
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ODF-0209 decreasing decimal values on a number attribute


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How can I decrease decimal value on a number attribute in Clarity? I am unable to revert back decimal places changes. I get an error when I try to reduce the number of decimals:

ODF-0209: Number of decimal places cannot be reduced


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The behavior you are seeing is working as designed. The decimal places can not be decreased once set, but can be increased to a maximum of 6 decimals. If you try to add more than 6 decimals you will get the following:

ODF-0226: Number of decimal places must be 6 or less


As this is by design, you would need to create a new attribute. If you have data in the existing attribute, you would need to copy data using GEL script where at the same time decimals are trimmed when updating the new attribute.