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Bad link alarm generated while in maintenance


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CA Spectrum


The customer wants to work on an interface, which is linked to another interface. 
He needs to bring it down to work on it, so puts it in maintenance. 
When he brings it down, the interface at the other end of the link on the connected device generates a bad link alarm.
This is what he is trying to avoid.
This works correctly when the entire device is put into maintenance, but when they only put the interface into maintenance, it does not work. 
The Business impact is that he does not want to receive alarms about link down when the interface on the other end of the link has been put into maintenance, specifically to avoid this.


CA Spectrum 10.3.x,, 21.2.x


We will change this behavior in a next future release.
It can be tracked with defects number DE417468 and DE519885