Endevor Define Subsystem job abending with S0C1-01
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Endevor Define Subsystem job abending with S0C1-01


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After upgrading to Endevor R18Inc12 users are facing Define Subsystem job to fail with S0C1 abend.  


Endevor V18.0.12


There appears to be a difference with the maintenance levels between the programs in TPD9.ENDEVOR.CSIQAUTH and TPD9.ENDEVOR.CSIQLOAD. 

Module ENBE1000, which loads from STEPLIB, has fix RO99458 applied 
Module ENBE1100, which loads from CONLIB, does NOT have that fix applied. 

Fix RO99458 converts endevor programs ENBE* and ENBP* from SAS/C to IBM-C. This causes the abend when ENBE1000 tries to initialize ENBE1100 (still a SAS/C program) using the IBM-C method. 

Possible causes: 
- Error during SMP/E APPLY 
- Mistake when copying libraries 

An easy sanity check is to ensure that no ENBE* nor ENBP* module in CONLIB DD contains strings like L$UPREP, or SAS/C, which evidence the presence of SAS/C material that should not be there. 
Please confirm both datasets are at the same maintenance level.